The Black Landscape

Season 4 Episode 6: Ellen Sebastian Chang

March 21, 2023 Andréa Spearman Season 4 Episode 6
The Black Landscape
Season 4 Episode 6: Ellen Sebastian Chang
Show Notes

Ellen Sebastian Chang(she/her), whose creative practice spans 45 years, is a storied figure in the performing arts, as a multi-disciplinary director(theater, opera, dance, and installation) arts educator and lighting designer.
She has co-created with Deep Waters Dance Theater, 15 Episodes of House/Full of Blackwomen, that closed this past March 2023. Her credits also include acting as a Consulting Producer for “Whoopi Goldberg Presents Moms Mabley” HBO and interviewee; “Fabulation”  by Lynne Nottage Lorraine Hansberry Theater with Margo Hall and Daveed Diggs, and the ongoing Creative Director and Teaching Artist for The World As It Could Be Human Rights Education Program (TWAICB).

Between 2013-2017, she was the co-owner and events planner for the award winning West Oakland restaurant FuseBOX, with co-owner and Chef Sunhui Chang.

She is currently serving as Resident Owner Board Member for East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative/Advisor for Esther’s Orbit Room Project/Artist Housing.

Rarely on Instagram (@afterzora),  to find Ellen, google her!

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