The Black Landscape

Season 5 Episode 8: Lance McGee/Unique Derique

December 27, 2023 Andréa Spearman Season 5 Episode 8
The Black Landscape
Season 5 Episode 8: Lance McGee/Unique Derique
Show Notes

Unique Derique is a longtime San Francisco Bay Area favorite whose dual careers merge the performing arts and healing with the belief that the world can be a brighter place, one breath—and one laugh—at a time. Internationally acclaimed “Clown Prince'' Unique Derique’s appearances have spanned the globe from South Africa to Scotland, Taipei, London, Paris, and Tokyo— and he has shared the stage with entertainers such as Bobby McFerrin, The Temptations, Laura Nyro, Jim Nabors, Tuck and Patti, Lou Rawls, and Sammy Davis, Jr. His clowny past includes the famed Pickle Family Circus, Children’s Fairyland, Prescott Circus Theatre, and Bread and Roses Presents.

 Past television credits include PBS-KQED, Univision, and the Disney Channel. Derique’s Fool La La plays annually at The Marsh with a delightfully different twist each season. When not entertaining audiences as Unique Derique, Lance McGee
is a Trauma-Informed Wellness Consultant and Mindfulness Coach providing support to school educators, administrators, staff and students. He also leads workshops on trauma-informed care practices and mindfulness for non-profit organizations, health clinics, colleges and educational


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