The Black Landscape

Season 6 Episode 1: Toni Rochelle

January 10, 2024 Andréa Spearman Season 6 Episode 1
The Black Landscape
Season 6 Episode 1: Toni Rochelle
Show Notes

**Trigger Warning! This interview includes topics of suicide & depression**

Toni Rochelle was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. In 2005, she relocated to the Bay Area and immediately started modeling, appearing in fashion shows, magazines, and several (music) videos. Soon after, she started landing roles in independent films and stage plays.

Her biggest accomplishments were a Honda commercial and the opportunity to perform at the Edinburgh Theater Festival in Scotland. Toni has established herself as a talk show host for the entertainment show Off Tha Hook TV, where she shined interviewing celebrities on the red carpet at The ASCAP awards, BET Awards press rooms, and different events in Los Angeles.

She recently launched her platform called Ascending with Toni Rochelle. She believes that the platform, Ascending, presents people and energy that prevails through the struggle and continues to rise, thrive, and prosper. Moving on past pain, and hurt and still helping to build community and overcoming all obstacles will help with healing and wellness in the community.

IG: Ascendingwithtonirochelle
YouTube: Ascending with Toni Rochelle

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